Candor Touch Massage Services

 More of a relaxation massage that concentrates on the flow of superficial muscle manipulation, encouraging healthy blood flow.

The name speaks for itself. It is used to relieve severe tension in deep muscle bellies and connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage is recommended for individuals who experience chronic pain, due to repetitive work strains or heavy physical activities. The sessions are often quite intense as a result of deep deliberate, focused work.

I use this a lot with my athletes after a game. This is a quick gentle brisk massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, to assist in reduction of local swelling. Great for after works because it flushes the toxic waste build-up in muscle fibers.

The neuromuscular junction is the point of contact between the nervous system (neuro) and the muscular system (muscular). This therapy can adjust this by releasing restrictions in the deep fascia and breaking up the adhesions between fascial layers that restrict free movement of tissues against each other.


A technique that requires manual stretching of the fascia ( a structure of connective tissue) and releasing bonds between muscles and fascia. Fascia is the most pervasive type of tissue in the body. It forms and supports. It gives shape to the body and its component parts and holds them in place.  Myo meaning muscle. “myo- fascial” release – get it! Although, the healing and restorative functions of fascia can also lead to problems. Fascia can form adhesions between structures that should remain free. (Between shins, forearms, spine etc.). Which then alters the internal structure of muscles with deposits of gristle that produce pain and limit movement, such tissue hardens and contracts with time, becoming triggers points.

This involves detaching trigger points that may cause local or refered pain to other parts in the body. Trigger points (aka knots) are relieved of myofacial pain by manual pressure, compression and vibrations. Trigger points relate to dysfunction in the neuromuscular junction.

Most popular modality today. The Basalt stone (lava rocks) that have that polished and smooth outer layer, are heated to apply heated pressure to the body. They retain heat which then deeply penetrates into the muscles, melting tension away.

For those active on-the-movers. Sports massage is focused more vigorous manipulation of the muscles, assuring joint mobilization and joint manipulation, which keeps you in the game!