About Marshall “Iron Man” Davis

I prefer to be noticed as an clinical massage therapist. That’s why I teamed up with two of the elite chiropractic clinics in charlotte. Estramonte Chiropractic  and Queen City Chiro. And I am the official therapist for the Charlotte Checkers!

A clinical massage therapist is one who approaches persistently shortened soft tissues and attempts to restore their pain-free function, while informing client of their work.  As a Marine and former athlete, I learned a thing or two about muscle fatigue and pain. (Its weakness leaving the body! ) . While Virgos are the most critical thinkers in the world, they also strive for perfection. So I being a Virgo therapist use my natural ability to serve. Combined with my military disciplined, ordered, background will help unlock your physical goals of reaching your natural, mental, spiritual optimistic health.