Candor (can·dor): The state or quality of being frank, open, honest, and sincere in speech or expression.

Having formerly worked at some of the big name spas in Charlotte, I’ve come to realize that massage therapy was so limited. They are more concerned with irrelevant issues (like selling you time or aromas and packages that you don’t need) than helping you.


They force your therapist to sell you a “wellness” program when you are already well, you just need a little tune-up. Here I’m honest. I’m not going to present to you anything you do not need. I offer bodywork – not time. Your body vessel is similar to your vehicle. You want it to look good inside and out. You get it serviced when in need. Smart individuals service theirs before problems arise,  to prevent breakdowns. Just like your vehicle you have to keep your body serviced, before a breakdown to eliminate multiple problems. You can think of me as your body mechanic. I’ll handle your issues with candor.